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Lula coffee table

Lula coffee table Material : Painted plastic / glass Color : black...

Price: 59.00 EUR In stock

Lula coffee table

Sale Furniture Poland table SIGNAL Meble Lula coffee In stock
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Lula coffee table - Poland - SIGNAL - Available furniture

Material: Painted plastic / glass
Color: black

Direct furniture delivery from SIGNAL factory to Your home!

There is a store, a warehouse.

Production - commercial company "Signal" was founded in 1992.
The main focus of the company is the manufacture and wholesale of furniture for offices and apartments, which is characterized by a unique design.
Customers include well-known retail chains as well as thousands of furniture stores.
Currently, our products are exported to 28 countries in Europe.
The company also has its own furniture store.

"Signal" is also engaged in wholesale of stationery, office supplies, toys and school,
as a partner and distributor of famous Polish and foreign brands.

Lula coffee table

Lula coffee table Material : Painted plastic / glass Color : black

Rated: 4.75/5
Country: Latvia
Name: Olga

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