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Wardrobe Barcelona 50B (Cases 1-door)

Wardrobe Barcelona 50B Colours: 1. Beech 2. Pear 3. Alder 4. Sonoma Dark 5. Sonoma Light 6. Wallis Plum 7. Wenge  chipboard, provide the high capacity and high functionality. Width: 52 cm Height: 200 cm Depth: 45 cm...

Price: 104.00 EUR

Wardrobe Barcelona 50B

Sale Furniture MEBLOCROSS Barcelona Poland Wardrobe 50B
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50B Wardrobe Barcelona Poland MEBLOCROSS

50B Wardrobe Barcelona Poland MEBLOCROSS

50B Barcelona MEBLOCROSS Poland Wardrobe


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Wardrobe Barcelona 50B - Poland - MEBLOCROSS - Cases 1-door - Cupboards Commodes

Width: 52 cm
Height: 200 cm
Depth: 45 cm


1. Beech
2. Pear
3. Alder
4. Sonoma Dark
5. Sonoma Light
6. Wallis Plum
7. Wenge

 chipboard, provide the high capacity and high functionality.

Direct furniture delivery from MEBLOCROSS factory to Your home!


MEBLOCROSS Furniture Manufacturing Plant has 30 years experience in furniture production...

Meblocross is a dynamically expanding family-owned company with 100 per cent own capital, which has existed on the market since 1984.

Ever since the establishment of our business, we have consistently strived to develop it, making full satisfaction of our customers our main priority. Our best reward and motivation for the future is the satisfaction of millions of clients buying Meblocross products.

We started from the production of meat cutting boards and paste-boards and soon became a leading manufacturer of these products in Poland. It must be added that a major part of our output at the time was exported, e.g. to Germany.

Following political changes and the establishment of the free market in Poland in 1989, we modified our business profile. We were the first company to launch TV stands on the Polish furniture market.

The product quickly gained popularity among customers. This success encouraged us to spread our wings. We extended the range of furniture, thanks to which we managed to quickly establish our presence on the Polish and foreign markets.

Thanks to a number of investments in modern technologies, our machinery stock incorporating computer-controlled machines of the newest generation, highly qualified managers and workers (a total of 200 employees), we have now left the competition far behind.

Today our offer includes TV stands, CD and DVD storage stands, hi-fi units, aquarium stands, hall sets, wardrobes, wardrobe sets, shoe cabinets, bedside tables, desks and computer workstations, chests of drawers, modular furniture, coffee tables, shelves and shelf systems, office furniture, bathroom furniture and kitchen furniture - a total of over 500 models.

It must also be stressed that all our furniture items are offered in a wide range of colours, matching any interior, which has given us the position of market leader in Europe in this product range.

We have achieved a worldwide success thanks to efficient management but – most of all – the top quality of our products combined with modern design and functionality. Our products have been granted numerous medals, awards and honorary mentions at various furniture industry events.

Currently, our furniture is sold at company showroom in Węgr�w, in furniture stores all over Poland, in 30 countries around the world and on-line. We offer our customers a policy of competitive and stable prices, as well as timely and flexible deliveries.

We are trying to fulfil various and changing preferences of our customers by constantly introducing new furniture models, preceded by an analysis of customer needs and tastes and according to current market trends.

We regularly participate in leading furniture trade fairs in Europe, e.g. in Cologne, Seville, Madrid, Valence, Poznań, Katowice, Brest, Bern, Sarajevo, exhibiting our current offer.

Even though we have now set sail on the international market, we do not forget our local community, engaging in numerous charity, sports and education campaigns.

We hope that we will succeed in meeting customer expectations with regard to attractive visual qualities, functionality, durability and cost-efficiency of our products, while keeping up our rate of expansion.

Wardrobe Barcelona 50B

Wardrobe Barcelona 50B Colours: 1. Beech 2. Pear 3. Alder 4. Sonoma Dark 5. Sonoma Light 6. Wallis Plum 7. Wenge chipboard,

Rated: 5.00/5
Country: Latvia
Name: Светлана
Comment: заказываю у вас товар уже в 4-ый раз именно потому, что приятно с вами работать.Вы молодцы! У нас сейчас мало где такой уровень обслуживания.

Cupboards Commodes

  • Wardrobe IDENTO 1D1A

    Width: 695 mm Depth: 435 mm Height: 1975 mm Material: Laminate + MDF. White color.
    Cupboards Commodes Wardrobe IDENTO 1D1A Sale Furniture
    180.00 EUR
  • Boss BS 9 cupboard

    Color: case - oak Sonoma, front - oak Sonoma/chocolate oak. Material: laminated particleboard. Width: 55 cm Height: 198 cm Depth: 35.5 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Boss BS 9 cupboard Sale Furniture
    68.00 EUR
  • Author REG1D2S/20/6a warderobe

    Color: case - grey, front - light oak San Remo. Material: laminated chipboard + MDF, PVC edges. Width: 57 cm Height: 199 cm Depth: 40 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Author REG1D2S/20/6a warderobe Sale Furniture
    244.00 EUR
  • DAVOS 3 case

    Available in colors (body / front): wenge / ash. wenge / cappuccino shine - 142 euro Material: laminated furniture board Width: 50 cm Height: 192 cm Depth: 40 cm
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    124.00 EUR
  • Kora KRD1 case

    Colors: Dab antyczny. Width: 58 cm Height: 193 cm Depth: 40 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Kora KRD1 case Sale Furniture
    111.00 EUR
  • Wardrobe KNO11

    Materials: Fine. laminated chipboard. Width: 64 cm Depth: 51 cm Height: 210 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Wardrobe KNO11 Sale Furniture
    230.00 EUR
  • Breim warderobe (blue)

    Width: 80 cm Depth: 55 cm Height: 180 cm Shelf load: 35 kg Max load / bar: 30 kg
    Cupboards Commodes Breim warderobe (blue) Sale Furniture
    38.05 EUR
  • OLIWIER 05

    * Сolors in the pictures may differ slightly from the actual. Color: Sonomiysky oak light / dark Material: Laminated MDF with high quality visual tree structure Width: 55 cm Height: 202 cm Depth: 41 cm
    Cupboards Commodes OLIWIER 05 Sale Furniture
    117.00 EUR
  • CARMELO C4 showcase wardrobe

    Colors: matte latte, polished white or Arusha. Without backlight LED. Width: 56 cm Height: 198 cm Depth: 43.5 cm Width: 56 cm Height: 198 cm Depth: 43.5 cm
    Cupboards Commodes CARMELO C4 showcase wardrobe Sale Furniture
    111.00 EUR
  • Loft 01 cupboard

    Color: white / white polished. Material: laminated particleboard, "push to open" fittings. Width: 53 cm Height: 196 cm Depth: 36 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Loft 01 cupboard Sale Furniture
    160.00 EUR
  • BRAVO 4 case

    Size: 195/50/40 Available in colors (body / front): Sonoma oak / Arusha; Sonoma oak / truffles (pictured); Sonoma oak / dark Saint-Tropez. Material: laminated particleboard.
    Cupboards Commodes BRAVO 4 case Sale Furniture
    84.00 EUR
  • Wardrobe Grand GR-2

    Krāsas: venge+osis, venge+venge, sonoma ozols+šokolādes ozols. Materiāli: augstvērtīga laminēta kokskaidu plātne, MDF elementi Platums: 52 cm Augstums: 192 cm Dziļums: 57 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Wardrobe Grand GR-2 Sale Furniture
    104.00 EUR
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