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Wardrobe Eliza (Cases 4-door)

Wardrobe Eliza Material: Laminate...

Price: 245.00 EUR

Wardrobe Eliza

Sale Furniture Eliza Wardrobe Lietuva Lithuania
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Eliza Wardrobe Lietuva Lithuania

Eliza Wardrobe Lietuva Lithuania

Lithuania Wardrobe Lietuva Eliza


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  • Description

Wardrobe Eliza - Lithuania - Lietuva - Flora - Cases 4-door - Cupboards Commodes

Material: Laminate

Direct furniture delivery from Lietuva factory to Your home!


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Rated: 3.75/5
Country: Latvia
Name: Inese

Cupboards Commodes

  • Bed Flora

    Length: 2072 mm Width: 1450/1650/1850 mm Height: 800 mm The material laminate. Bedside tables if you wish need to buy separately.
    Cupboards Commodes Bed Flora Sale Furniture
    255.00 EUR
  • Bedroom set

    Materiāls: Lamināts Gulta ar veļas kasti: 1450 / 1650 / 1850 x 2072 ; H 800 Naktsskapītis: 460 х 425 ; H 420 2 naktsskapīši komplektā Skapis ar plauktiem un stangām: 1800 x 620 ; H 2200 Kumode ar atvilktnēm: 900 x 500 ; H 880 Visas komplekta daļas jūs varat nopirkt atsevišķi.
    Cupboards Commodes Bedroom set Sale Furniture
    870.00 EUR
  • Chest of Drawers Flora

    Material: Laminate Dimensions: Width: 90cm Height: 88 cm depth: 50cm
    Cupboards Commodes Chest of Drawers Flora Sale Furniture
    230.00 EUR
  • Bedside Unit Flora

    Material: Laminate dimensions Width - 46 cm Height - 42 cm Depth - 42.5 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Bedside Unit Flora Sale Furniture
    70.00 EUR
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