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Corner Wardrobe TRIO (Angular closets)

Corner Wardrobe TRIO Material: Laminate...

Corner Wardrobe TRIO

Corner Wardrobe TRIO Material: Laminate

Price: 225.00 EUR

Corner Wardrobe TRIO

Sale Furniture TRIO Lietuva Wardrobe Corner Lithuania
Corner Wardrobe TRIO ordered 1 times
Countries: Latvia
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Lithuania Wardrobe Lietuva TRIO Corner

Lithuania Wardrobe Lietuva TRIO Corner


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  • Description

Corner Wardrobe TRIO - Lithuania - Lietuva - TRIO - Angular closets - Cupboards Commodes

Material: Laminate

Direct furniture delivery from Lietuva factory to Your home!

Corner Wardrobe TRIO

Corner Wardrobe TRIO Material: Laminate

Rated: 3.75/5
Country: Estonia
Name: Aljona

Cupboards Commodes

  • Corner Wardrobe Dallas D21

    Materials: Fine. laminated chipboard. Width: 100 cm Depth: 114 cm Height: 192 cm
    310.00 EUR
  • Corner wardrobe Tytan TSZN

    Colours: Oak stulenti, CAH Remo oak Materials: Fine. laminated chipboard, MDF elements. Width: 85x85 cm Height: 197 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Corner wardrobe Tytan TSZN Sale Furniture
    175.00 EUR
  • Corner Wardrobe NA

    Height 200 mm Width 96 mm Depth 96 mm Material: Laminate.
    Cupboards Commodes Corner Wardrobe NA Sale Furniture
    195.00 EUR
  • Corner Wardrobe 201050

    The cabinet height: 2200 mm Cabinet width: 1,150 mm Cabinet depth: 1,150 mm Sidewall depth: 590 Frame: laminate Doors: hinged Colour: Buck
    Cupboards Commodes Corner Wardrobe 201050 Sale Furniture
    220.00 EUR
  • Angular case of Geometric 01

    * –°olors in the pictures may differ slightly from the actual. Color: Case: elm, acacia, Frontage: elm, acacia, inserts: Goba, acacia, black, white, yellow, purple, olive Material: laminate Width: 93 cm Height: 190 cm Depth: 93 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Angular case of Geometric 01 Sale Furniture
    157.00 EUR
  • Corner Wardrobe TAJNA

    Material: MDF. Width: 142 cm. Height: 225 cm. Depth: 142 cm. Color: Pearl.
    Cupboards Commodes Corner Wardrobe TAJNA Sale Furniture
    450.00 EUR
  • Corner Wardrobe MELISSA SK-813

    Height, mm 2172 Width 891 mm Depth, 891 mm Material: Laminate, MDF
    Cupboards Commodes Corner Wardrobe MELISSA SK-813 Sale Furniture
    275.00 EUR
  • Corner Wardrobe Indinapolis I-14

    Materials: Fine. laminated chipboard. Width: 90 x 106 cm Depth: 58 x 42 cm Height: 192 cm
    275.00 EUR
  • Natalia 60 corner commode

    Materials - particleboard, MDF, wood. Color - cherry primavera, modrzew sibiu jasny. Width: 59 cm Height: 85 cm Depth: 59 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Natalia 60 corner commode Sale Furniture
    139.00 EUR
  • Cupboard Wektra SZFN1D

    Is made from the laminated chipboard, PVC edges. Facade: white polished or mirror + 22 €. Width: 93 cm Height: 218.5 cm Depth: 93 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Cupboard Wektra SZFN1D Sale Furniture
    154.00 EUR
  • Corner wardrobe TOKO

    Width: 960 mm Depth: 960 mm Height: 2135 mm Color photography: Wenge
    Cupboards Commodes Corner wardrobe TOKO Sale Furniture
    220.00 EUR
  • Academica SZF2D corner cupboard

    Color: oak sonoma. Width: 81 cm Height: 199 cm Depth: 81 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Academica SZF2D corner cupboard Sale Furniture
    149.00 EUR
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