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PAX warderobe (Cases 2-door)

PAX warderobe Width: 100 cm Height: 236.4 cm Depth: 58 cm...

Price: 426.27 EUR

PAX warderobe

Sale Furniture warderobe Ikea PAX
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warderobe Ikea PAX

warderobe Ikea PAX

PAX warderobe Ikea


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  • Description

PAX warderobe - Ikea - 590.257.77 - Cases 2-door - Cupboards Commodes

Width: 100 cm
Height: 236.4 cm
Depth: 58 cm

Direct furniture delivery from Ikea factory to Your home!

PAX warderobe

PAX warderobe Width: 100 cm Height: 236.4 cm Depth: 58 cm

Rated: 5.00/5
Country: Latvia
Name: Vadims

Cupboards Commodes

  • SF114 warderobe

    * 410 € Color: natural pine / * alder, oak, grey. Material: solid pine. Width: 90 cm Height: 190 cm Depth: 40 cm
    Cupboards Commodes SF114 warderobe Sale Furniture
    375.00 EUR
  • Wardrobe Tytan TSZ

    Colours: Oak stulenti, CAH Remo oak Materials: Fine. laminated chipboard, MDF elements. Width: 85x85 cm Height: 195 cm Depth 59 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Wardrobe Tytan TSZ Sale Furniture
    143.00 EUR
  • TODALEN warderobe (brown)

    Depth: 58 cm Width: 80 cm / 80 cm Height: 202 cm
    Cupboards Commodes TODALEN warderobe (brown) Sale Furniture
    82.30 EUR
  • Wardrobe 2D

    Materials: Fine. laminated chipboard. Width: 90 cm Height: 183 cm Depth: 48 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Wardrobe 2D Sale Furniture
    120.00 EUR
  • Malta 05 cupboard 2D

    Opening - supplies push-open. Color: case - white, front - white polished + Azurro nut. Material: laminated furniture board. Width: 100 cm Height: 198 cm Depth: 58 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Malta 05 cupboard 2D Sale Furniture
    239.00 EUR
  • Wardrobe IDENTO 2D1A

    Width: 995 mm Depth: 605 mm Height: 1975 mm Material: Laminate + MDF. White color.
    235.00 EUR
  • Bolero B-01 cupboard 2d

    Color: walnut. Material: laminated particleboard + MDF. Width: 91 cm Height: 207 cm Depth: 60 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Bolero B-01 cupboard 2d Sale Furniture
    206.00 EUR
  • Natalia 100 cupboard

    Materials - particleboard, MDF, wood. Color - cherry primavera. Width: 96 cm Height: 197 cm Depth: 63 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Natalia 100 cupboard Sale Furniture
    278.00 EUR
  • Academica SZF2D2S cupboard

    Color: oak Sonoma. Material: laminated particleboard. Width: 80 cm Height: 198.5 cm Depth: 56 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Academica SZF2D2S cupboard Sale Furniture
    118.00 EUR
  • Verona МН-128-13 warderobe

    Color: case - white, front - white polished/black polished. Material: laminated particleboard + MDF. Width: 81 cm Height: 200 cm Depth: 63 cm
    231.00 EUR
  • Rondo 70 chest of drawers

    Color: Columbia nut with black elements. Material: laminated furniture board. Width: 104 cm Height: 195 cm Depth: 58 cm
    299.00 EUR
  • Wardrobe Paris 100/40

    Made of high quality materials. Material: high-quality laminated particleboard. It consists of two doors. Inside the top is a shelf under the bar for clothes. Additional Information: - Furniture in packs intended for self-assembly (instructions for assembly included) Width: 101 cm Height: 200 cm Depth: 45 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Wardrobe Paris 100/40 Sale Furniture
    165.00 EUR
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