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SF103 warderobe (Cases 2-door)

SF103 warderobe * 325 € Color: natural pine / * alder, oak, grey. Material: solid pine. Width: 82 cm Height: 190 cm Depth: 60 cm...

Price: 300.00 EUR

SF103 warderobe

Sale Furniture Drewmax warderobe Poland SF103
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Drewmax Poland SF103 warderobe

Drewmax Poland SF103 warderobe


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  • Description

SF103 warderobe - Poland - Drewmax - Cases 2-door - Cupboards Commodes

Width: 82 cm
Height: 190 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Color: natural pine / * alder, oak, grey.
Material: solid pine.

* 325 €

Direct furniture delivery from Drewmax factory to Your home!

SF103 warderobe

SF103 warderobe * 325 € Color: natural pine / * alder, oak, grey. Material: solid pine. Width: 82 cm Height:

Rated: 4.75/5
Country: Latvia
Name: Ludmila
Comment: Претензий нет. Качество, доставленной мебели, не вызывает никаких нареканий. При необходимости будем у Вас еще заказывать товар. Спасибо.

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