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Szafka na buty 6. 2 (Dressers)

Szafka na buty 6. 2 75/113/38...

Price: 92.00 EUR

Szafka na buty 6. 2

Sale Furniture 6. 2 Szafka buty na
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Szafka na buty 6. 2 - Dressers - Cupboards Commodes


Rated: 4.50/5
Country: Latvia
Name: Любовь

Cupboards Commodes

  • Regiment DA6 DIANA

    DIANA - furniture system on the model of the classical style. Amazing design and finish details that make the prestigious and elegant furniture. Diana will make any interior rich. The system is made from laminated MDF panels. Bent furniture legs are made from solid wood.      - product for the self-assembly,      - the kit includes all the elements needed for assembly,      - simple installation in accordance with the instructions supplied,      - possible LED lighting. Color: Snow pine, Oak Lefkas Width: 175 cm Height: 89 cm Depth: 47 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Regiment DA6 DIANA Sale Furniture
    229.00 EUR
  • Bianca comode KOM.4D

    Materials: laminated particleboard. Сhromeplated legs and handles. Color: havana/vanilla polished. Width: 100 cm Height: 122 cm Depth: 44 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Bianca comode KOM.4D Sale Furniture
    173.00 EUR
  • PS 2012 Chest 5 drawers / 1 door, pine

    - Solid wood - a hardwearing natural material. - Drawer with smooth running and stop. - Boxes inside are painted red. Width: 130 cm Height: 86 cm Depth: 48 cm
    Cupboards Commodes PS 2012 Chest 5 drawers / 1 door, pine Sale Furniture
    442.20 EUR
  • Cupboard Tadeusz T3

    Materials: Fine. laminated chipboard. Width: 100 cm Depth: 44 cm Height: 90 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Cupboard Tadeusz T3 Sale Furniture
    110.00 EUR
  • Kora KK5 dresser

    Colors: Dab antyczny. Width: 88 cm Height: 136 cm Depth: 39 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Kora KK5 dresser Sale Furniture
    113.00 EUR
  • Elpasso KOM5S/60 dresser

    The furniture in the living room elpasso Dimensions: Depth: 41.5 cm Width: 60 cm Height: 104.5 cm Elpasso modern furniture create a cozy and functional interior. 18 different modules can be freely combined with each other to form a unique arrangement of the living room and bedrooms to suit your needs. Noteworthy are the original holders, which fit perfectly into the modern furniture design, acting as a decorative and functional element. Oval shape and natural oak color San - Remo obviously leave you in a positive mood every day.  
    Cupboards Commodes Elpasso KOM5S/60 dresser Sale Furniture
    87.00 EUR
  • Tyssedal chest of drawers, 4 drawers (white)

    Width: 87 cm The width of the box: 73 cm Depth: 54 cm Depth of drawer: 44 cm Height: 76 cm Maximum load / drawer: 11 kg - Due to the integrated the groom drawer closes slowly, silently and effortlessly. - To boxes does not fall out when you open, they have a special stopper. - Adjustable feet make it possible to correct uneven floors.
    Cupboards Commodes Tyssedal chest of drawers, 4 drawers (white) Sale Furniture
    235.70 EUR
  • Chest of drawers K-8052S2D

    Colours: 1. Beech 2. Pear 3. Alder 4. Sonoma Dark 5. Sonoma Light 6. Wallis Plum 7. Wenge Material: high quality furniture chipboard, plastic handles. Width: 81 cm Height: 106 cm Depth: 45 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Chest of drawers K-8052S2D Sale Furniture
    81.00 EUR
  • Chest of Drawers JONAS

    Length: 86 cm Width: 55cm Height: 90 cm Material laminate Available Colours: Any of the suggested colors can be combined.
    Cupboards Commodes Chest of Drawers JONAS Sale Furniture
    105.00 EUR
  • Natural Collection A-7 chest of drawers

    Color: possible different colors. Material: wood massive - jesion. Width: 89 cm Height: 75 cm Depth: 37 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Natural Collection A-7 chest of drawers Sale Furniture
    907.00 EUR

    Color of case - thuja/oak latte. Color of facade - jasmine gloss. Material - laminated particle board. Width: 144.4 cm Height: 89.8 cm Depth: 41.5 cm
    Cupboards Commodes AXEL CUPBOARD 5 Sale Furniture
    177.00 EUR
  • FUKS F-K3 commode

    Width: 154.9 cm Height: 91.5 cm Depth: 43.1 cm
    Cupboards Commodes FUKS F-K3 commode Sale Furniture
    578.00 EUR
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