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Stylius Nkom 1s (Ambry)

Stylius Nkom 1s Color: cherry antique Material: laminate, with the elements MDF Width: 73.5 cm Height: 42 cm Depth: 37 cm...

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Stylius Nkom 1s

Sale Furniture Nkom 1s Black Red White ( BRW ) Stylius Poland
Stylius Nkom 1s ordered 4 times
Countries: Estonia, Latvia
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Stylius Nkom 1s - Poland - Black Red White ( BRW ) - Ambry - Cupboards Commodes

Width: 73.5 cm
Height: 42 cm
Depth: 37 cm
Color: cherry antique
Material: laminate, with the elements MDF

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Rated: 3.75/5
Country: Latvia
Name: Viktors

Cupboards Commodes

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  • Largo Classic Reg4d

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    Color - oak sonoma. Material: laminated particleboard. Width: 49 cm Height: 77 cm Depth: 40.5 cm
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  • Largo Preg3d dab

    Ambry Width: 151.5 cm Height: 94.5 cm Depth: 38 cm Colors: dab wenge ciemny/dab csesany Made from laminate.
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  • Quadro Szafka Q7

    Length: 57.7 cm Height: 159.2 cm Depth: 40 cm Body color: noce Barone. Exterior paint: polysk zebrawood, teak. Made from laminated particleboard.
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  • STIX ST 4 ambry

    Color: oak / white matt. Material: laminated particleboard, MDF. Width: 54 cm Height: 122.5 cm Depth: 40.5 cm
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  • Harmony 73 ambry

    Color: graphite. Material: case - laminated canvas, "push to open" fittings. Width: 41 cm Height: 107 cm Depth: 28 cm
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  • Raflo cabinet 3d

    Material: laminated particleboard with natural wood elements. Possible colors: walnut, brown wenge. Width: 152 cm Height: 73.5 cm Depth: 35.5 cm
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    110.00 EUR
  • Wersal W-N2 extension

    Material: laminated particleboard. Possible colors: case - pine Laredo, facade - dark nut, insert - jession. Width: 127.5 cm Height: 84 cm Depth: 31.5 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Wersal W-N2 extension Sale Furniture
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  • Fini dresser-KOM1D1S/7/5

    Modular system Fini Feeney modern collection is the essence of modern style. Light in the form of furniture, devoid of unnecessary detail to your home decor has become the new word, and you feel good in a modern and orderly space. Minimalist design modules compensates attractive colors and functional solutions. Silent-closing drawer front, as well as energy-efficient LED lighting. Fashionable dark gray fine is a wide palette of colors. Enhanced modular Feeney gives more freedom of individual interior design. Many functional modules, which can be freely gather together, you can create any circuitry inside the office, bedroom, dining room and hallway. Materials used: - Housing: Particleboard, finishing the film. Product Use: Clean the surface of the furniture with a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals and materials with a rough or uneven surfaces. The product is intended for self-assembly. Width: 45 cm Height: 74 cm Depth: 40 cm
    Cupboards Commodes Fini dresser-KOM1D1S/7/5 Sale Furniture
    72.00 EUR