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JSC „Grafų baldai“

Our company was established in 1995. Our first articles were upholstered furniture for dining room "Vingis" and "Perlas". Later we created our firm's set for dining room "Grafas". Our customers are satisfied with the design, quality, attractive price of our furniture, therefore the company has acquired good reputation.

On December 10, 1997 our company entered its new stage of existence as JSC "Grafų baldai". Capital authorized was increased, favourable opportunities to expand manufacturing were created. High appreciation, growing need in the furniture being manufactured gave the company a chance to go on growing.

In 1998-2000 JSC "Grafų baldai" invested into new productional facilities and machines. We installed modern sawmill and dryer in the new premises. On 01-06-2000 the company entered the new premises the size of which was ca. 2000 sq.m. In 2002 we installed workshops for framed furniture manufacturing of 1500 sq.m. currently territory of the company takes 4 ha, area of the premises is 6500 sq.m.

During many years of its existence, the company has been successfully selling its furniture; today it is manufacturing ca.30 different kinds of upholstered sets of furniture. The company has learned to manufacture framed furniture for dining room, sleeping room, office, hall. Possessing suitable facilities, we also cut and dry the wood by ourselves.

Meeting the growing needs of our customers, we execute also individual orders. Professional designers, working in our company will give you advise and select the furniture you need. You can then choose what you want.

JSC “Grafų baldai” has a wide trading network in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The company highly appreciates its customers, paying maximum attention at due execution of any agreement. Highly-qualified staff is in harmony working towards the same direction. The company has the following top priorities set:

  1. Quality;
  2. Modernisation;
  3. Raising qualification of the staff members.

Performance of the company is oriented towards the customer, who is to choose modern, top quality and sustainable furniture in conjunction with the possibility to form the space, best of all meeting one's needs with the least time and work expenditures. We guarantee full comfort and relaxation for our clients.

Today our company makes soft tapestrial furniture of classical, modern, unique design and leather furniture for living and youngster's rooms.

We use new German machines and technology, as well as materials of the highest quality. Soft sets for dining room AMBASADORIUS and RELAX in 2004 and 2007 won the awards as the best products of the year.

In 2001 we became members of Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, in 2002 - members of Šiauliai District Entrepreneurs Association. State Public Health Center has approved our furniture to be in line with the hygiene and health safety requirements. Furniture Certification Center has issued a certificate of conformity.

We possess proprietary right to our industrial design, therefore any attempt to plagiarize is punishable under the laws. Since March 1, 2003 all our articles have been marked with a patented original trademark. JSC “Grafų baldai” was recognized as one of the most successfuly growing Lithuanian companies in 2004-2008.

Journal tables - Grafu baldai

Staliukas-2 table

Table 100 x 60 , H- 47 Journal tables
Grafu baldai - Staliukas-2 table - Lithuania
130.00 EUR
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Single beds - Grafu baldai

Kusete 1 bed

    Sleeping place: 187x74 сm; Single beds
Grafu baldai - Kusete 1 bed - Lithuania
223.00 EUR
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Chairs - Grafu baldai

Arthur comfort sofa

Pouff 84.00 EURO Chairs
Grafu baldai - Arthur comfort sofa - Lithuania
278.00 EUR
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