Gawin - Furniture Manufacturer - Novelts


Our history reaches back to 1992 when Andrzej Gawin began production in a small carpenter’s plant in Krlewska Wola. It’s been 20 years since then and even though we are one of the biggest and fastest developing furniture manufacturer in Poland, we still cultivate the family atmosphere.

Our clients put their trust on our company not only because of our long-term experience but also due to the time we devoted them in order to understand their needs and expectations. Our attitude towards clients is based on proven solutions applied in your houses.

We owe a lot to the recognition of our clients which we gained through many years of cooperation. That allowed us to expand the number of employed people, broaden our offer and modernize the factory. We are glad to have chance to take part in the international furniture fairs, during which we may promote our products. In consequence, we notice that our furniture has also been appreciated abroad.

However, we are most proud of the fact that as a result of common work we may support the economy in our region, local institutions, society and provide you some entertainment during anniversaries celebrated by our company in Krlewska Wola.

Gawin - Furniture Manufacturer - Poland, Novelts