Maridex - Furniture Manufacturer - Novelts


The company "MARIDEX" is located in near Kępno Olszowa (woj.Wielkopolskie). We have been in business for over 14 years, and our products have been very good commercial product, both in Poland and throughout Europe. The quality of our furniture is clear from the knowledge and traditions of the carpenters Wielkopolska, a region that for decades is associated with the furniture industry.
In February 2011, during the ceremony "Highest Quality Guarantee of Success" Company "MARIDEX" statuette was awarded the Lion of Business, 2010. This prize is awarded for the highest quality products and services, achievements in the field of environmental care and to maintain the highest standards of safety.

We were also honored, earning the title of "Reliable Company 2010"award for the timely settlement of all obligations and respect for ecology and consumer rights.

In 2007, we took first place in the competition "Employer-safe work" in the category of establishments employing 50 workers.

The quality of our products also provide ceryfikaty held:

- Best Quality Guarantee
- Eco-certification
- Safety Certificate
- European Security Certificat
- Guarante of the Best Quality

Maridex - Furniture Manufacturer - Poland, Novelts