MebleMarzenie - Furniture Manufacturer - Novelts

Meble Marzenie currently belongs to the most dynamically developing furniture companies on the Polish market. Taking into account the very high position of the Polish furniture industry in the world, this makes our success even more significant and allows us to look optimistically towards the future. We were able to reach this high position thanks to the trust of the countless shops and their customers around Poland as well as numerous foreign partners. Our products reach not only to the neighbouring countries but also to distant corners of the world like Ireland, Bahrain, Israel, Cyprus, or Mongolia.

We are experienced in cooperation with both huge and small foreign partners. We supply our products to chain stores, wholesalers, or online shops which requires from us the ability and flexibility of customizing the products to the clients’ needs. Our flexibility, quality-oriented attitude and our clients’ satisfaction are our primary goals, which makes us a good partner in long-term cooperation.

Our offer include following range of products:

  • Mattresses - (ranging from the simplest and cheapest to the ones fulfilling the needs of the most demanding clients)
  • Upholstered beds – (solidly finished and well-looking)
  • Box spring beds. We are a strong player in this field in the foreign markets.
  • Upholstered furniture - (from simple click-clack sofas to exclusive module system sofas.)

We are sensitive about opinions and suggestions of our clients and if it is only possible we try to fulfil their requirements. Not only are we getting the raw products form the most trusted suppliers but also are constantly developing and improving our products, optimizing the production process at the same time in order to ensure long-term satisfaction of our clients.

MebleMarzenie Furniture Manufacturer Poland Novelts