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When producing our furniture we use only selected, high quality solid wood. The production is based on high-grade timber. We use beech for bentwood elements of upholstery furniture and ash for cabinet furniture.

We pay a lot of attention to find good sources of timber, as well as proper technological processes preparing it for production. We cooperate with forest districts offices, which can guarantee providing timber with the best quality parameters. Seasoning and drying timber play a vital role. These essential processes are performed in our lumber mills and modern drying kilns. Unimebel Furniture Company creates furniture using old days carpentry masters’ technologies and traditional methods.


Our furniture meets the highest quality standards. It is safe, durable and environment- friendly. We are certain of its quality and we ensure you:

- 24-month warranty for furniture and a life time warranty for Blum fittings that are used in our cabinet furniture;
- full freedom when choosing wood elements’ colouring or combination of fabrics and a possibility to buy any single piece of furniture from a selected collection;
- furniture made of the highest quality solid wood, treated with water glues, stains and varnishes;
- the production technology and materials used are safe both for the people and the environment which is confirmed by numerous material approvals and certificates;
- a choice of best solutions – we fulfil individual orders for homes, residences, hotels and restaurants providing them with lounge furniture, cabinet furniture and kitchen furniture all made of solid wood;
- professional help – if you need an advice our employees have a professional knowledge and are always willing to help. Using our contact form you can easily obtain an answer to your inquiry concerning our furniture and sales network;
- professional warranty and post-warranty service - there is a possibility to buy a replacement of an upholstery fabric or furniture accessories for all of our products.


Unimebel not only tries to stay up to date with the newest designing trends and customers likes but it also unveils and creates new ideas. We cooperate with the leading European upholstery fabrics manufacturers. We only use fabrics which are certified with accordance to strict international standards concerning textiles’ resistance to abrasion and sunlight.

The innovative technologies used to produce fabrics that we use, make them easy to clean and looking good for many years. All fabrics are „Made in Green” certified which proves that their production process is environmental friendly and they don’t contain any harmful components.


Caring about our customers and environment Unimebel as a furniture manufacturer uses only varnishes and stains based on natural ingredients. Products that we use are non-toxic, harmless and non-allergenic. Additionally, varnishes applied on furniture are resistant to temperature, water, alcohol and commonly used detergents.

For implementing an environmental friendly policy and using technologies that do not impact the natural environment we have been rewarded with the „Green Friendly” certification.

To enhance the natural beauty of wood we use high quality colour stains based on water or oil. The newest and ecological wax oils and waterbased varnishes with a high physical and chemical resistance are used to ennoble wood. Final coat giving the furniture its unique character is always applied by hand.

The high-tech production lines

We are one of the most modern furniture companies in Poland. Basing on many years of experience and our close cooperation with the most prestigious producers of machines and equipment for furniture sectors, we use the newest technologies development to create new quality and functionality of furniture products. We own the modern equipment, a lumber mill and well developed system of drying and seasoning wood. We do not need subcontractors because the company is liable to perform all the technological processes within the company area. It enables us to control and manage the quality comprehensively on different production stages and eliminate the risk of failures.

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