Good to know

How to find necessary for me furniture?
- Enter it`s name or type of furniture (example kids furniture) to the search.

How to call?
- Telephone Number can be required from the product page, pushing the button "Call".

Where is your shop?
- There is a map in the contact with marked locations of shops.
We recommend to specify preliminary is the interested furniture on storage.

What is your time of work?
- Orders in the internet shop can be sent around the clock. Calls - during working hours.
Furniture offline shop works from 10 to 19 on working days, Saturday until 16.

How to order?
- Push the button "Buy" on the product page and complete all fields.
Also is possible to use contact form, specifying the product name and customer data.

What guarantee is given for furniture?
- For all furniture is given 24 months guarantee if the manufacturer not indicate another warranty term.

Where is the guarantee, that you perform the order?
- We work already many years as legal person.
We will give You all necessary documents.

Can we trust you?
- Yes, You can! See our customers reviews.

How we can add review about this shop work?
- Review form is automatically sent to all customer by email.


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