Bellamy - Производитель мебели - Дорогие

Production quality and safety

As far as manufacturing quality and solutions for providing safety, the most focus is put on:
  • Rounding edges
  • Securing shelves in bookcase from falling out
  • Using the unique, very resistant to stresses sort of wood for construction of cribs (it can easily handle the mass of a mother and child)
  • Possibility of using a proved system of mounting high wardrobes and bookcases to walls, using special, very resistant tape
  • Providing safe way of closing toy boxes
  • Installing protective plastic coating, covering and securing rails from biting by babies
  • Additional third dismountable bar for allowing older children to go out of bed safely

As a result, all cribs produced by us successively acquired all necessary certifications. This means that they meet safety requirements of European norms PN-EN 716-1:2010 and PN-EN 716-2:2010. These norms set safety standards and methods of testing, which are in force in the whole European Union.

As far as materials are concerned, safety is provided through:
  • Lacquers we use are safe for children. They meet requirements of EN 71-3: 1994, concerning the content of harmful materials and heavy metals.
  • Construction materials used in production, such as MDF, HDF or laminated particle boards have proper safety certificates and meet E1 hygiene norms.

Bellamy furniture is manufactured in the Liwex Furniture Production Plant, which is specialised in production of furniture for children and youth and has 29 years of experience in this field. Our furniture, from cradles to pieces for arranging whole rooms, is used by babies and children living in the Western Europe. One the Polish market, we made a successful debut in 2005 launching our authorship collection of furniture. Bellamy furniture is of the highest class, which make parents able to organise child’s first world in a convenient way. A cosy but functional room, where a child is safe is his or her little planet.

What makes us unique:

  • High diversification of available models
  • Original design
  • Implementing ideas of the best designers
  • Innovative solutions that extend furniture functionality
  • Possibility of adapting furniture for older children
  • High quality of manufacturing
  • Use of safe materials

History of the Liwex Furniture Production Plant
The Liwex Furniture Production Plant was opened in 1981. During first years of its activity, the plant focused on production of small wooden fancy goods for children. These were e.g. toys, little chairs and tables, boxes for toys, etc. These products were sold mainly at local markets. After three years, the production profile was changed and as a result, the plant started to manufacture living room and kitchen furniture. The change of production organisation resulted in the development of sales chain in the whole country, in the amount of 260 stores at that time.

However, the first part of 1990s was the time of another manufacturing profile reorganisation. The company started to gradually terminate production of kitchen and living room furniture and to enter the field of furniture for children and youth, where it stayed till the present day. At that time, the SMYK collection and MINI furniture set for the youth were selling hits – dozens of thousands were sold in whole Poland.
Since 1997, Liwex, changing profile for production of furniture fro children aged 0 to 6, starts first exports to EU states and to Guinea.

In short time, the production became specialised, focusing only on children furniture.

Bellamy - Производитель мебели - Польша, Дорогие